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/ Issues / Spring/Summer 2021
Spring/Summer 2021 Cover
October 15, 2021

Spring/Summer 2021

Volume 49, Number 2

Editor’s Note

Dear Reader, Dear Friend,

I write to you in a time of uncertainty, a time of fear and division—which more and more feels like an evergreen statement. So, I’m all the happier to write with that rarest of gems: good news. First, for reasons both ecological and practical, Spring/Summer 2020 was our last print issue. As a journal of eco- and social-justice we are ever mindful of our carbon footprint and use of material resources. That’s the eco part. The practical part, well…stay tuned, friends. Over the coming weeks we will unveil some exciting changes and new initiatives here at CMR.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the art, poetry, and prose in this, our (slightly delayed) Spring/Summer 2021 issue. As always, we strive to bring you poetry, prose, and visual art that inspires, challenges, and replenishes.

I hope you enjoy, and be on the lookout for more to come.



Book Review

Alex Pitofsky

“The Sum of Us”

by Alex Pitofsky

Thom Young


by Thomas Young

Creative Nonfiction


Catherine Bloomer


by Catherine Bloomer

Jordan Dilley


by Jordan Dilley

The Bull

by Patricia Patterson

Bill Stauffer

The Turkey

by Bill Stauffer


Daniel Barnum

In the Clearing

by Daniel Barnum


by Rebbecca Brown

Rose DeMaris

Perfect Walker

by Rose DeMaris

Magdalena Lagoon

by Jennifer Dennehy

Alder Geshem


by Alder Geshem

Dmitra Gideon

Honey Bunning

by Dmitra Gideon

Julie Hanson

The mosses

by Julie Hanson

J.D. Hibbitts

Hellbender Nocturne

by J.D. Hibbitts

Emily Hockaday

Body on an Island

by Emily Hockaday

Marybeth Holleman


by Marybeth Holleman

Kelly Lenox

Winter Solstice Song

by Kelly Lenox

Robert Manaster

Questions to Recover #19

by Robert Manaster

Cathleen Margaret

Get Ready

by Cathleen Margaret

Binx R. Perino

Two Poems

by Binx R. Perino

Kell Pieper

Three Poems

by Kell Pieper

Erin Robertson

Oak Apple Fortunes

by Erin Robertson

Peter Siegenthaler

Dusk at Lower Alloways Creek

by Peter Siegenthaler

Anne McCrary Sullivan

Two Poems

by Anne McCrary Sullivan

Diane Thiel

Spatial Equations

by Diane Thiel

Michael Waterson

October Augury

by Michael Waterson

Andrew Wildermuth

Fault Line

by Andrew Wildermuth

Lynne Wycherley

A Stranded Jellyfish

by Lynne Wycherley

John York


by John York

Visual Art

Jennifer Frederick

Two Collages

by Jennifer Frederick

Four Photos

by Mane Hovhannisyan

Ben von Jagow

South African Night Sky

by Ben von Jagow

Robin London

The Time is Now

by Robin London

Ernst Perdriel

Two Works

by Ernst Perdriel

Bela Varadi

Basic Human Rights

by Bela Varadi

Matina Vossou

Four Paintings

by Matina Vossou

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