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/ Biome


by Rebbecca Brown

full of squiggle and stride
little tales writhe 

biofluids that colonize
our inner lives 

like some men 
attempt alterneria 

our bodies are different 

full of flowering 
crowded archae mostly 

mystery gene sequencing 
reproduction binary fission 

daughter cells daughter 
cells daughter cells 

daughter cells 
mutual relationships

bowels and guts 
twins fat and thin 

both full of shit 
removed to mice 

grown fat from thin 
daughter cell daughter 

cell daughter cell 
sold to the highest  

bid goodbye bid

About Rebbecca Brown

Rebbecca Brown is the author of the novel They Become Her (What Books Press 2014) and the lyrical prose collection Mouth Trap (Arc Pair Press 2018). Her work has appeared in print and online journals such as American Literary ReviewConfrontationRequitedMasque and SpectacleEclipseThe Turnip Truck(s) and Miracle Monocle (among others). She currently lives in Los Angeles and teaches in the College of Creative Studies at UC Santa Barbara.

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