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/ Get Ready

Get Ready

by Cathleen Margaret

It’s an honor train comin
Sky snatched since dreams cloned names as jazz hieroglyphs
Names as days of week and months of year
Names lifted, spoken, hummed, felt, tasted
Till ancient Auntie whispered
Don’t forget me, my name Sandra, too
Her spit gentle
A breath among knowns and unknowns
Monumental bronzing till more went gone
Till rat tat tat
Till tombs
Till suddenly sound and fury queried
Black girls/women, where y’all at?
Here, answered sky, heirs of nocturnal breezes
Here, answered dreams, willful, conversant, amused
Here, answered hieroglyphs, composing spells for next generations’
     arrangement of blatant and understanding of current
How wild tree sap sweetened sultry
How terrifying night muscle astonished
How ripped leaves turned magic doodles day tripped into mouths as yearning
Oh tongue, oh lips, oh mouth
Here, answered black girls / women
We homegirls
Hand grenades       ready.

After Sonia Sanchez
For #SayHerName: Sandra Bland, Breonna Taylor, and all the others

Cathleen Margaret

About Cathleen Margaret

Cathleen Margaret is a writer, musician and fiber artist. Awards include 2017 National Poetry Series Competition Finalist; MacDowell Colony Charlotte Sheedy Fellowship; MFA in Creative Writing, University of Southern Maine at Stonecoast; The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts’ Master/Apprentice Fellowship in Traditional Quilting; The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts’ Fellowship in Literature. Publications include Our Name is Memory, Bebop in the Small of Her Back, Berthenia Belle, and Daughter Mouth Blues (Blacksmith and Bones Press). Her work has appeared in border crossing, A & U, WordPlaySound, and

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