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/ The Time is Now

The Time is Now

by Robin London
The Time is Now

Artist’s Statement

I was the kid growing up with a collection of rocks in one hand and a paintbrush in the other, always creating, always exploring. I’ve also always tended to look at things in unique ways and think in outside-the-box ways, discovering beauty in everyday objects and even in the very unconventional. This love of all things creative and unconventional still drives my art practice today. 

I describe my art as a unique eclectic experience with textural, colorful layers which express myself at that moment. It is a poetic process where I can express my inspirations at that time, such as music lyrics, pop culture, current events, nature related, or memories and emotions which arise during the creative process. 

As an intuitive artist, I do not typically have a defined goal in mind when I begin my art works. I begin with a simple inspiration, perhaps a color palette or something like a song lyric that inspires me, then I begin creating and go from there. I enjoy creating colorful and textural abstract works on watercolor papers and canvas using a variety of tools and methods, including acrylic inks, pastels, resist techniques and handmade prints. 

I do not typically classify my art within a defined style, however I feel inspired by artists in the abstract, intuitive, surrealist and post-modern movements, and I do notice similarities with style. 

Art not only allows me to express my creativity and design skills but is also an essential and therapeutic healing tool. Life is always uncertain but art will always be a constant presence in my life. Art is truly my “free” time. It is my time to feel free, to express myself without bounds, color outside ALL of the lines, and to express myself emotionally, as a female artist, a mother, in the world and in this time period. I hope that others get as much enjoyment from viewing my art as I did throughout the creative process.

Robin London

About Robin London

Robin London is a mixed media artist and mother living and creating in Austin, Texas. Born in Kansas City, MO, she is largely self-taught, except for high school art classes. Even from a very young age, Robin had a primary interest in art, science, and design, and in discovering beauty even in the very unconventional. Her goal with her art is in seeking to communicate this unique perspective and also in communicating our connections to each other and to the environment via her art. She enjoys making colorful and expressive works of art which often contain texture, pattern, and a layered approach.

Robin put her art aside to train as a biological scientist, then worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 10 years and started a family. The events of these past few years, and especially of 2020, propelled her back into her art pursuits with renewed passion. She enjoys working with inks, acrylics, collage, photography and sometimes digital media. She is inspired by the beauty of the natural world, current world events, and the emotions and memories that come forth when she is engrossed in the creative process.

Her work was exhibited in a group show at Art For The People Gallery in Austin, and two of her artworks were published in the April 2021 issue of Beyond Words Literary Magazine. She also participated in Art And Found Day 2021 and the Brooklyn Sketchbook Project.

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