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/ A Stranded Jellyfish

A Stranded Jellyfish

by Lynne Wycherley

At the river’s mouth                                       
two worlds clash,            

saline and fresh, my                                                                                     
footsteps’ dust: your sheen.                             

You are muslin and lace, 
petticoat grace, pale queen.                                

You whisper our planet is drying.               
You gasp for water as I for air.  

If I wear my soul like a veil  
will I look like you?

Lynne Wycherley

About Lynne Wycherley

Lynne Wycherley is a poet living on a small farm in England, immersed in the cadences of the natural world.  At heart, she is a quiet writer, faithful to soil and starlight. Her Listening to Light: New & Selected Poems was published by Shoestring Press, edited John Lucas, emeritus professor of English literature, in 2014; her 2018 collection Testimony of the Trees, also from Shoestring, is a prayer for living beauty in an increasingly virtual age.  Her early awards include the English Association Fellows’ Poetry Prize 2009 while a new poem about rock music was recently shortlisted for the inaugural Folklore Prize (UK).

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