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/ Two Works

Two Works

by Ernst Perdriel


Planetart 3-Plastic Planet

Artist’s Statement

Ernst Perdriel uses mosaics, collages, landscaping, photography to talk about our complex era. He imagines himself becoming an archaeologist in his next life to study the 20th century! He presents his mosaic ”Iceberg” (2019) and his art installation ”Planetart 3 – Plastic Planet”. These artworks talk about the pollution of oceans and earth by plastic.

Ernst Perdriel

About Ernst Perdriel

Ernst Perdriel was born in Montreal (Quebec, Canada). He is a multi-field artist (visual art, photography, writing – French), designer and horticulturist. His life mission: To transmit the passion of the cultural and environmental heritage through arts, lifestyle and sharing of knowledge. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions in visual arts since 1995. Perdriel has contributed in numerous publications since 1992 as a writer, illustrator, artist, photographer and in self-publishing. His works have appeared in Sunspot Literary Journal, Seisma Magazine, Photo Solution Magazine, Into the Void, The Healing Muse, Iris Literary Journal, 3Elements Literary Review, Ponder Review and others.

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