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/ Four Paintings

Four Paintings

by Matina Vossou

An Ephemeral Crossing

C-Age Grief



Artist’s Statement

Every face is a journey.

Probably looking at faces is going to be the longest trip we will ever going to make.

Every color is an emotion. What we feel is the only present we know and by this we define our lives.

I paint faces, shuttered in tiny pieces of colors, without the protection of their socially accepted skin; frozen in a moment of truth which is necessary for us to be introduced to ourselves.

Acrylics and a toothpick, the artistic oddity I have inherited from my father. He was a self-taught artist. Mainly he taught me to study people; not exactly the way they looked but the way they talked, their expressions and their words. He taught me to pay attention to their content and how my senses were responding to it. Every one of us is a perfectly unfinished mosaic of emotions and ideas. Everything is connected. All it takes is to step closer and then take a step back; then to repeat this. You’ve got to have the space and time to hear the music and dance.

I love being the mirror of others; the eyes that a simple and bare light possesses in order to avoid its shadow.

Matina Vossou

About Matina Vossou

Matina Vossou was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She is a self taught artist. She also loves writing poetry and plays. Find her here.

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