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/ Issues / Fall/Winter 2020 Special Issue on the Undiscovered
Fall/Winter 2020 Special Issue on the Undiscovered Cover
January 17, 2021

Fall/Winter 2020 Special Issue on the Undiscovered

Volume 49, Number 1

Editor’s Note

Dear Reader, Dear Friend,

I write to you in a new year. I write to you, in fact, on the cusp of the presidential inauguration. It seems a good time for fresh starts. It seems a good time for discoveries, and that is exactly what you hold in your hand. The Fall/Winter Issue of Cold Mountain Review is dedicated to unpublished writers, and herein you will find quite a few. Is it too much to say I hope you discover your next favorite writer? Is it too much to say I hope you discover something that buoys you, that gives you hope, that allows you to better confront the world? Probably so. Still, I should tell you that lately, as Amy Clampitt puts it in one of my favorite poems, “Discovery,” I have found myself on “the weedy borderline / between drowsing and waking, / breathing and drowning.” I have found myself mired in sadness and, too often, anger. But working through the poetry, prose, and visual art in this issue with our resident genius Katy Abrams and our brilliant graduate assistant Erin Deitzel, I have found myself waking up, renewed, ready. Almost like we are at the start of something new. Which, of course, we are.

I hope these new voices give you courage; I hope they remind you that while we are all of us on some “dimly imaginable tightrope,” we aren’t on it alone.

Mark Powell

Creative Nonfiction

Nicholas White

Distress Call

by Nicholas White


Rexford Tugwell

The Apostates

by Rexford Tugwell

Woman & Children

by Jena Vallina


Mary Ardery

Two Poems

by Mary Ardery

Laton Carter


by Laton Carter

Brett Dionysius


by Brett Dionysius

Ginnie Gavrin

Two Poems

by Ginnie Gavrin

Joseph Hardy

Two Poems

by Joseph Hardy

Alexis Ivy

Two Poems

by Alexis Ivy

Letter Poem

by Anna Koriath

Angie Macri


by Angie Macri

Nathan Manley

Two Poems

by Nathan Manley

Katrinka Moore

Two Poems

by Katrinka Moore

Megan Nichols


by Megan Nichols

Eric Odynocki

Of Suckers and Fins

by Eric Odynocki

Linda Parsons

Two Poems

by Linda Parsons

Julie Poole

Five Poems

by Julie Poole

Forrest Rapier

Experience Meat

by Forrest Rapier

Mark Simpson


by Mark Simpson

Kim Trainor

Two Poems

by Kim Trainor

Two Poems

by Michael Walsh

Moira Walsh

Human dew

by Moira Walsh

Andrew Weller

Our Last Name

by Andrew Weller

Diana Woodcock

Two Poems

by Diana Woodcock

Visual Art

Patricia Bingham


by Patricia Bingham

Roger Camp

Blue Man

by Roger Camp

Natalie Gutiérrez-Negrón


by Natalie Gutiérrez-Negrón

Billy Kornbluth

Two Paintings

by Billy Kornbluth

Lisa Thorpe

In the Beginning

by Lisa Thorpe

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