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/ Two Poems

Two Poems

by Katrinka Moore


Uncertainty’s our home 
now    as it always was     

The trail’s unmade     a few 
cairns remain        

Notched bones

Tracks too cold
to follow

This solitude makes me 
want to wrap up 
in quietness     

leave humans     aside    
for a while     mind water
and stone     wind

Why is there so much beauty

What keeps us     earth      life     
handful of sweet notes     hidden 

thrush     glint of lowering 
sun     on a rain-brushed stone

Slow-moving calamity
quickens     flourishes 

Hieroglyphs on scraps of molted 
bark     Bones of warriors       

This is not our world
with trees in it

we believe it was all made
for us     misunderstand 

the nature of give and take     Unwilling 
to relinquish our hold     

A scourge spreads      Buried 
dread a dream calls up     
It’s not quite a song     the same
few notes     over and over

Title is a question posed by Manu Prakash, quoted by James Gorman in The New York Times. This is not our world with trees in it is from Richard Powers.

Katrinka Moore

About Katrinka Moore

Katrinka Moore is the author of three books — WayfarersNuma, and Thief — and a chapbook, This is Not a Story, winner of the New Women’s Voices Prize. She has recent poems and artwork appearing/forthcoming in OtolithsTerrainWild Roof, and Hole in the Head Review. Along with her mentee in the PEN American Prison Writing Program, she was awarded the 2020 L’Engel-Rahman Prize for Mentorship.

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