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by Patricia Bingham

Artist’s Statement

I’m a self-taught artist who uses paint (watercolor and acrylic), collage, and photography to interpret the world.  I include elements of surprise through the use of metaphor, symbolism, and visual puns, taking life’s absurdities and mysteries and translating them into images, both representational and abstract. I paint the strange and curious world we all walk through, pointing out the things often missed in our hurried days, and revisiting the imagined places of childhood where all seemed possible.

Patricia Bingham

About Patricia Bingham

Patricia Bingham is a Chicago native who resides in Idaho.  She is a self-taught artist with a degree in Psychology and a long career in Medical Editing.  Patricia’s life is a testament to having no sense of direction.  She is easily lost.  Because of this unfortunate trait, she had to develop her powers of observation in order to find her way home.  This also led to an appreciation of absurdity which influences her art.  She works in watercolor and acrylic, photography and collage. Her art can be seen in several literary magazines and in private homes around the country and abroad. Find her at

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