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/ Colors by Crayola in the Anthropocene

Colors by Crayola in the Anthropocene

by Rhonda Pettit

Forest Brown
Dollar Green
Runoff Orange
            Apocalypse Blue

Carbon Black
Dry Creek Copper
Mountain Flesh
            Apocalypse    b l  u    e

California Smoke
Silicon Gold
Sundown Sepia
            Apocalypse   b     u     l     e

Lead Pipe Silver
Gutter Yellow
Melanoma Rose
            Apocalypse        e     b     l     u

Polymer White
Aquagone Tan
Manatee Maroon
            Apocalypse                    u     l     b     e

Grid Gray
Prison Purple
High Noon Sage
            Apocalypse                                   l     u     b

Rhonda Pettit

About Rhonda Pettit

Rhonda Pettit, Ph.D, is a professor of English at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College, where she teaches literature and creative writing, and is editor of the Blue Ash Review. Her poetry publications include Riding the Wave Train (Dos Madres Press, 2017), Fetal Waters (Finishing Line Press, 2012), and a poetic drama, The Global Lovers, which premiered in the 2010 Cincinnati Fringe Festival. Her collaborative collages and poetry along with a portfolio of individual works were included in two exhibitions, Dada Lives (2016) and Gaps& Overlaps (2015), at the UCBA Art Gallery; other poems have appeared in a range of journals and anthologies. A scholar of the work of Dorothy Parker, she has published two books of criticism, A Gendered Collision (2000) and The Critical Waltz (2005).

Cold Mountain Review is published once a year in the Department of English at Appalachian State University. Support from Appalachian’s Office of Academic Affairs and College of Arts and Sciences enables CMR’s learning and publications program. The views and opinions expressed in CMR do not necessarily reflect those of university trustees, administration, faculty, students, or staff.