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/ Float


by Natalie Gutiérrez-Negrón

Artist’s Statement

Having nothing but time and good fortune to look inward, finding reserves of strength and trust in yourself, and surrendering to that power, Float is an exploration of the perseverance and resilience within during pandemic times. The currents have dragged us toward freedom, liberation for all, away from the Challenger Deep.

Let’s let it take us, lest we sink deeper, a real fear for those of us who don’t know how to swim.

The shore is within sight. Walking on water is a wet step closer.

Natalie Gutiérrez-Negrón

About Natalie Gutiérrez-Negrón

Natalie Gutiérrez-Negrón has a very close relationship with plants. They speak to her in leafy tongues and herbaceous secrets. Although she is generally humanoid, she is thought to be a double-agent for plantkind. Beware of her wildflowers.

While her roots remain in Caguas, Puerto Rico, her greenery can be observed around Oberlin, Ohio. This is her first publication.

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