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/ Issues / Spring/Summer 2020
Spring/Summer 2020 Cover
September 24, 2020

Spring/Summer 2020

Volume 48, Number 2

Editor’s Note

Dear Reader, Dear Friend,

I write to you mere weeks before the November election, an election in which we are actually discussing—fearing—the peaceful transfer of power. In case we needed it—and I wager we didn’t—this is a frightening reminder of why, in the words of Thomas Jefferson, “dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” What you have before you is a compendium of dissent: against racism and poverty, against violence carried out against bodies and land, against the structures that perpetuate such. Our mission is to “shed light on, prompt conversations about, and explore the ramifications of eco- and social-justice issues by sharing work that exemplifies this focus.” That is, of course, only a small part of the solution; but it’s our part.

Lately, I’ve found myself repeating a few lines by the great Polish poet Czesław Miłosz:

My generation was lost. Cities too. And nations.

But all this was later. Meanwhile, in the window, a swallow.

Perhaps we are lost, perhaps so. But there is still a swallow in the window, there is still the solace of beauty.

All of us here at CMR hope you enjoy the poetry, prose, and art herein. More than that, we hope it inspires you, comforts you. We hope it reminds you that you are not alone. None of us are. And everywhere is beauty.


Mark Powell

Creative Nonfiction

Michael Dowdy

In the Forginning

by Michael Dowdy

Delta Cotton

by Rachel Hoffman


Margaret Donovan Bauer

Navigating the Pod People

by Margaret Donovan Bauer


D. Dina Friedman

Will This Be the Last Time?

by D. Dina Friedman

Connie Kinsey


by Connie Kinsey



Hugh Anderson


by Hugh Anderson

Daniel Aristi

Two Poems

by Daniel Aristi

Rebecca Ethridge

Wanting Out

by Rebecca Ethridge

Ori Fienberg
Lana Issam Ghannam


by Lana Issam Ghannam

Sarah Giragosian

Two Poems

by Sarah Giragosian

Jeffrey Greene

The Genomics of Intimacy

by Jeffrey Greene

Stuart Gunter

Two Poems

by Stuart Gunter

Chelsea Harlan

Little Known Fact

by Chelsea Harlan

DJ Hills

Super Worm Moon

by DJ Hills

Marcia L. Hurlow


by Marcia L. Hurlow

we’re still not over ’92

by Tobi-Hope Jieun Park and Christina Miles

William Palmer

Two Poems

by William Palmer

Tamara L. Panici

Two Poems

by Tamara L. Panici

David Radavich

Two Poems

by David Radavich

Daniel Romo


by Daniel Romo


by Peter Sagnella

T.J. Sandella


by T.J. Sandella

Lacie Semenovich

Two Poems

by Lacie Semenovich

Gnaomi Siemens

Three Poems

by Gnaomi Siemens

Angela van Son

Underground Movement

by Angela van Son

Elizabeth Spesia


by Elizabeth Spesia

Cristian Carlo L. Suller

Of Irony

by Cristian Carlo L. Suller

Anna Tomlinson

Two Poems

by Anna Tomlinson

Paul Willis


by Paul Willis

Visual Art

Jill Boyles

Invasive Objects

by Jill Boyles

Sinejan Kiliç Buchina


by Sinejan Kiliç Buchina

Alexander Chernavskiy

Collage of Human

by Alexander Chernavskiy

Claire Lawrence

Wanting to Be Seen

by Claire Lawrence

Jim Ross
Fabio Sassi

Two Acrylics

by Fabio Sassi

Tanya Solonyka

No Need to Argue, Anymore

by Tanya Solonyka

Emily Tironi

Three Collages

by Emily Tironi

Jennifer Weigel


by Jennifer Weigel

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