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/ Hustle and Estuary Flow

Hustle and Estuary Flow

by Ori Fienberg

As the sun rises on arctic oil wells
the poverty line moves to low tide.

Given the state of affairs, who can 
begrudge any fresh water dwellers 

who need a couple small bumps 
to keep ketamine-based side-hustles 

healthy. Any dopey decapod is just 
one net away from ending up iced,

another keto-friendly shrimp cocktail. 
Melting North Sea ice presents new 

opportunities for trade: there’s never
enough sand dollars to go around.

Of course, enterprising prawns turn 
to that candy crushed coral, as big

money bottom feeding mollusks filter 
saltwater of its free-floating gold atoms.

Ori Fienberg

About Ori Fienberg

Ori Fienberg is a Jewish, XXY writer of poetry, essays, and short stories appearing and forthcoming in venues including the Cincinnati ReviewHeavy Feather ReviewMid-American ReviewPank, and Rattle. A graduate of the University of Iowa’s Nonfiction Writing Program, he develops resources to support academic integrity, and teaches poetry for Northeastern University. He lives in Evanston, IL. Read more at and follow @ArtfulHerring for poetry and political tweets.

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