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/ the war is to

the war is to

by Scott Ferry

stay in the body when anxiety 
splits the glass

i usually find myself coiled in a closet 
behind burnt mothwings

today the september blue lifts all life 
silk-lipped before the frost

allows fibonacci intercostals to unspool 
invites my ghost to sweep through 

this interior still in embers
my ether eyes spill into these glassy orbs

just in time to let the purple flame
of asters in

Scott Ferry

About Scott Ferry

Scott Ferry is the author of four books of poetry: These Hands of Myrrh is now available from Kelsay Books. His first collection, The only thing that makes sense is to grow (Moon Tide Press, 2019), Mr. Rogers kills fruit flies (Main Street Rag, 2020), These Hands of Myrrh (Kelsay Books, 2021), and Sea of Marrow (Ethel Press, 2021). He has two books forthcoming in 2022: fishmirror from Alien Buddha Press and Skinless in the Cereal Aisle from Impspired.

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