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/ Preservation


by Jennifer Dennehy

For my Father 

In the machine shop, you have lost birdsong.
Your hearing worn to blunt on the fine end

by the quick pitch of cut steel ground long. Gone
the trill of warbler, sparrow, finch and wren.

As now the meadowlark’s throat pours silence,
you recall song but take note of motion

and of shadow and color as solace.
And so, witness with sharpened devotion. 

Jennifer Dennehy

About Jennifer Dennehy

Jennifer Dennehy(she/her) lives in Colorado with her family, 2 cats, a one-eyed hen, song birds and neighborhood foxes. She spends a fair amount of time re-imagining lawns as prairies and rooting for migrating birds. Jennifer has had poems published in Raven’s Perch Review and in Cold Mountain Review (Spring 2021).

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