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/ no trienta

no trienta

by Mafloku
no trienta

Artist’s Statement

I could describe in detail the shades of pink of that which does not even exist.

The unbelievable ability of our species to be amazed with itself since it believed to have made the night disappear has robbed us of perspective creating a disconnect between the delusion of purpose and the reality of our irrelevance.The objective of my work is to highlight through innocence a contrasting perspective about feeling, of an apparently unstructured mess, beauty in imperfection, of what inspires us in that pause between days but makes us wake up in the morning, of the dissonance between active and ideal states that most often than not overwhelms our perception. 


About Mafloku

Mafloku is a Mexican artist that works and resides in Tampico, Mexico. Financial Public Accountant who despite no formal training and a seemingly unrelated diverse background in prestigious financial, governmental, public and private institutions, and having started a very short time ago, has accidentally discovered ease of expression in boarding profound insights through color and innocence with an overwhelming positive reception with exhibitions in his home country as well as abroad, prizes and acknowledgements, and various national and international publications.

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