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by Radoslav Rochallyi

Artist’s Statement

Rochallyi shares his love of mathematics through his visual art. Mathematical elements such as symmetry, geometry, equations, and numbers are common themes in his work. He believes that form follows function. Using a wide range of media, Rochallyi creates visual patterns. He perceives his work as a combination of poetry, painting, digital, and mathematics.

Radoslav Rochallyi

About Radoslav Rochallyi

Radoslav Rochallyi, PhD., was born on May 1, 1980, in Czechoslovakia in a family with Rusyns and Hungarian roots. He is a Czech-based artist (visual artist and poet). Rado has presented his visual work internationally. He is the author of fourteen books. His math- visual works have been accepted in many institutions, and galleries. His visual poetic equations have also been published in many journals.

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